Why Swiss-Permits.ch?

When you move to Switzerland, you will be confronted with a range of administrative processes. The team at Swiss-Permits.ch can help you with arrival, applying for all documents and taking out your all-important health insurance.

Below you will find the reasons why you should opt for Swiss-Permits.ch.

Personal consultation

Our legal experts will advise you personally (by telephone or in one of our offices) regarding the right residence permit for your situation. In addition, we can discuss the right health insurance for your needs. During the consultation, you can also ask any unanswered questions you have about your move to Switzerland.

Less effort

The benefit of Swiss-Permits.ch is that you do not have to deal with administrative processes, which are often time-consuming and irritating. The legal experts at Swiss-Permits.ch know all about residence permits, meaning that they can determine the right residence permit for you and prepare all documents ready for signature, as well as organising the right health insurance package for you if desired. You then just need to go to the responsible citizens’ registration office once.

In-house legal experts

Swiss-Permits.ch employs legal experts that are familiar with all key legal conditions associated with immigration in Switzerland. Our legal experts are also trained regarding health insurance funds in Switzerland, and can therefore provide you with competent advice regarding a health insurance fund.

Multilingual team

The team at Swiss-Permits.ch is multilingual. Our legal experts speak German, French, English, Italian and Turkish, among other languages.

Fast implementation

The team at Swiss-Permits.ch is familiar with processes for applying for a residence permit, as well as concluding the appropriate health insurance. If you apply for a residence permit with our help, you can be sure that there will be no delay in the process for issue of the residence permit.

Health insurance fund

Swiss-Permits.ch works with Sanitas, one of the largest health insurers in Switzerland. This cooperation allows us to offer you attractive insurance packages.

Other useful information

Our legal experts are available to answer all questions you may have regarding your move to Switzerland. As part of your extensive telephone consultation, and afterwards, you can clarify questions concerning customs duties on assets, the school system, the housing market, etc.

Offices all over Switzerland

Swiss-Permits.ch has offices in all major towns and cities. If you are in Switzerland before your move, we will be happy to advise you in person. Otherwise, we provide you with advice over the telephone.

Determine the right residence permit